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My Six Word Assessment of Last Night’s Debate


What I Saw:


What I heard:

                 TRUMP                                                                    CLINTON

Click on the names above to hear what I heard

(After 22 minutes my brain melted down and I turned it off)


Man Up Obama.


It is my observation that individuals who do not take responsibility, tend to have been in positions in their lives for which little responsibility has been required. 

Blame is something generally heaped on others whereas responsibility is something generally heaped upon oneself.  Blame is about dumping.  Responsibility is about seizing.  Blame is about taking care of oneself.  Responsibility is about taking care of others.  Blame is selfish.  Responsibility is selfless.

I have to say I am getting a bit weary of our President pointing the finger of blame.  Everyone knows that all the problems of America are not his fault.  Even if he didn’t remind us at every bend in the road.

 Do you think the President’s focus on blame is a function of his past?  A past in which he has had to take little responsibility?  

One of the big knocks on him during his campaign was his inexperience and how that might affect his ability to lead.   I think for the President, the first step in his quest to become a great leader is to yank the reins of responsibility.

The job’s not easy.  But didn’t anyone tell him that when he campaigned like a bad assed champion to get it?  When it comes to great leadership nobody cares who caused the problems.  They only care about the person willing to take responsibility, the person who will seize responsibility and get ‘em fixed.

…From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked”  Luke 12:48 (NIV)

Or if that does not compute, two words: Man Up!

Thoughts on Light Rail. Logical Mr. Spock?


Not even in a 1960’s sci-fi television show.  Or should I say, “logical Mr. Barack?”

I would be the first person to admit, that I’m not the sharpest knife in the drer; Pancil in the pack; tool in the shaid; brightest bub in the lamp; you get the drift… but I can’t for the life of me figure out this light rail boondoggle I heard about the other night when I was flipping between the State of the Union address and the Hispanic Shopping Channel.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia where we have this little transportation outfit called MARTA which began rail service back in the 1970s; and which I think may still be operating from a 1970s strategic plan.  It is a government operation, and I’m pretty sure it has never been able to pay for itself through pure ridership, advertising, or pay toilets (if they have any). 

Last night, having arrived home from Newark, NJ, I headed to the MARTA station to catch the train home.   I waited 20 minutes in a dark dreary station for it to show up and then leave the station, was ithen nformed that I would have to transfer trains due to a reduced evening schedule, was pan handled on two separate occasions whilst snuggled up with about 100 bedraggled  strangers, and was ultimately deposited in another dreary station.   I was not left scratching my head as to some of the reasons why it is fiscally challenged. 

 I did notice a sign that said they were having a public meeting to solicit ideas on how to address some of their issues, and I could only imagine who might schlep down to their offices for that meeting to help solve all its problems.   My advice, “Go LOOK in the mirror people!” 

The problem with Mr. Obama and his Starfleet Command is their government approach to government.   Don’t you think that if some smart company or investor thought for a minute they could make a buck off of light rail, they wouldn’t have done it already??  Warren Buffet could scratch a check in a heartbeat if thought it was viable and add that to his choo choo collection.

I read that Obama wants to drop $8-$13 Billion to fund high-speed light rail, and I’m thinking for my family of 4 we spend $3,000 per year on a high deductible health plan with an HSA which includes well care.   A little quick math and I’m figuring $8B could cover the health care nut for about  2.6 million families or over 10 million lives.  Now, I’m not proposing the government buy health insurance for 10 million people; there are just better ways to piss away my borrowed tax dollars.

Obama’s government approach to government is kind of like when your mamma gives your kid a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart, and your kid promptly goes and blows it on $100 worth of Yugioh cards.  He then trys to convince you it’s a good investment!  The purchase feels pretty good for about 5 minutes and then the reality of stupidity begins to set in.  The only difference with government is that it can even rationalize reality.

Here’s an idea.  How about a little bit of Un-Government?  Now there’s a little change I could believe in.  If President Obama could grasp that concept, who knows where he could lead this country?  That might even be statue-worthy.  Definitely a cut above and installation at Madame Tussauds.

So what about this light rail thing?  Maybe I am living in a cocoon with my only perspective being a local public transportation system that has given me a jaded perspective.  But I don’t think I’m off by much.   Change?  My butt!  Simply a government approach to government.  Do you smell something funny?

So What About This New Rock And Roll President?


GeeZ:  Four years ago I saw Barack Obama’s address at the Democratic Convention, and was totally blown away.  I remember being awed by this young guy who seemed to come from nowhere and who made this eloquent and heartfelt speech.  I have no idea what he said, but I do remember thinking this was a guy whom we had not heard the last of.

Here it is four years later and he is just a few weeks from being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America.  What a whirlwind from basic obscurity to the White House.

I followed the election fairly closely.  I mean I knew who the candidates were for the most part, I knew who the vice presidential candidates were.  I knew who Joe the Plumber was.  I knew who Cindy McCain was.  I knew who Bill Ayers,Jeremiah Wright and Father Flager were.  I heard all the dirt for sure.

Barack Obama is totally a Rock and Roll President in my mind.  He has risen like a rock star.  He certainly has some degree of talent, but like Miley Cyrus or The Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe, and Kevin–yes ChiQ they are starting to stick–and what about this Bonus Jonas??) he seems to have been almost “produced” into the Presidency.  Like Miley and the Bros. Jonas, he has been handled and managed with all the skill and aplomb of the Disney Machine.

Hopefully, he will be able to step out from behind the marketing machine that produced him into the White House.  Hopefully, he will be able to shake off the doubt many Americans share regarding his experience andhis judgement.  Hopefully, he will be able to successfully distance himself from the Chicago Political Machine and Governor Blagojevich. 

Hopefully he will prove to be not to be merely an incredible stage show, slick choreography and a front for the band.  Hopefully, he will stand tall and lead.

What sez you ChiQ?  Did you know there’s about to be a new sheriff in town?

ChiQ: well, this may sound strange but i purposely did NOT closely follow the election. it was my little way of rebelling against all the teachers and students (WHO may i add cannot even vote yet…). the election was the topic of choice in so many situations for so long, and i saw my friends and classmates getting into heated and heavy dabates about the issues, some of which even ending in tears. i just kept thinking to myself “why do you feel the need to judge people based on their morals and political beliefs? why do you feel the need to push YOUR ideas on others? why do you feel the need to tear down the other candidate so you can build yours up, even though you KNOW he has just as many faults?” it drove me crazy! so rather than subject myself to passion filled arguements, i kept myself out of the whole thing and my opinions quiet.

As for the new prez, i certainly hope he can bring the change he’s been preachin’ about to the choir. this is a time when, clearly, America has been very divided because of an election. with the economy going all whack and iraq still a cloud over our heads, i hope Mr. Obama has a plan to spring us out of the slump America is in now. We can’t be divided. not now. we have to stick together and support each other as we hit this bump in the road. i dont care if you’re republican. he’s in office now and there’s nothing you can do about it. so stop hoping he fails and gets humiliated. start hoping he’s going to be a great thing for this country and guide us through our times of trouble. i know i am.