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Sorry, But This Food Tastes Like Shitaki


Tooth extraction, prescription meds, and a generally twisted sense of humor will do strange things to a blog.

Whilst sitting here half gorked out, not working, and generally feeling sorry for myself, I remembered when I was a kid how they used to sell fake Do Do at Six Flags. It was supposed to look like dog poop, but candidly looked about like what they were serving on cones in their “Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlors” back in the day.

poop cone

And then I got to thinking about how the Japanese have this thing for fake food; and how, when I was in Japan many years ago, I couldn’t get over the fact how it looked like crap.  In fact, the plastic displays were often pretty indicative of how the food actually tasted in the restaurants.  The display food was probably no worse than much of the stuff I choked down on my visit there.

Yuuuuuum! You know what on a stick.

Gag Reflex!  Insert your own sound effects here.

Hungry Man

Who the hell put the flash drive in my crab claw?  Now that’s taking a good idea and making it Tony the Tiger, GREAAAAT!.


Excuse me…waiter…there’s hair in my spaghetti.

Yes, I’d like to order the eight piece bucket.  I don’t care if it’s chicken or not, just make sure it’s fried.

Where in the world did I put my necklace?  I can’t seem to find it anywhere.  Now let me think…I was making breakfast…

One tall stack please.  Butter and extra syrup.  Maple if you have it.

Anyone have a hankie?

Sir, will that be cash or American Express?

egg card

Given the fact I am pretty much ewedsrcrayed in the food department for the next few days, all of these photos are serving as a good appetite suppressant.  It all pretty much looks like shitaki to me.  But maybe it’s the meds.