Why was i such a ________ in high school?



I am sure there are plenty of folks who might ask, “why are you such a ________ now?”  Work in progress maybe?

I recently participated in a flash reunion of my high school class.   As we  are in an “off” reunion year, someone had the idea to see if there was interest in drinks over the holidays.  So we hit the social media button, and poof, we were able to get the word out to a good chunk of our classmates.

Of the 185 or so members of the class of (it really doesn’t matter what year it was), we had a showing of about 15 folks.  Not bad I suppose for a rainy, busy, bustling holiday evening.  It was a nice, time, very laid back, with all the angst of high school long swept away.  Well at least it was for me.

After I got home, I reflected upon some of the conversations I had with my former schoolmates, some of whom I likely never spoke with in high school.  Lamenting in my youth, I did not get to know some amazing folks.

And I am grateful for occasions to re-meet them.

Now this blog (or at least this particular posting) is not intended to be a confessional or self-expose of the __________ I was in high school.   Merely an opportunity to reflect.

The “_____________” is for all of us really.  We all have our own stories.  Our own adjectives.  Our own insecurities. We all suffered the many paper cuts of our youth.  And with the exception of a few friends lost along the way; we all grew up.

I would like to say thanks to the class of _______(insert your year).   The years enable us to replace the goggles and blinders of the _________s we were in high school for clear vision of what we are today.


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