It Takes a Village (Idiot)


We are living the “it takes a village” adage.  My in-laws live several houses down the street and my sister in-law lives around the corner.

Last Wednesday, my mother in-law kindly (“Mookie”) offers to come stroll my 18 month old over to my sister in-laws so my daughter can play with my sister in-laws one year old son.

On the approach the following conversation plays out:

My daughter:  “Look Mookie, my see Bobby’s house!”

Mookie:  “It’s, I,  see Bobby’s house, Gracie.”

Gracie: “My see Bobby’s house”

Mookie: “No, I, see Bobby’s house.”

Gracie: “My see Bobby’s house.”

Mookie: “I, see Bobby’s house Gracie.”

Gracie: O.k. Mookie, YOU see Bobby’s house.”



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