Jesus Calling


This morning, while staring glassy eyed at the toaster and waiting for my toast to go from soft to crunchy, my mind wandered. Did the invention and evolution of the toaster bear any resemblance to the smart phone and the craze it has become?   Close your eyes, bow your heads, throw yourself back a hundred years or so, and join my daydream:

  • Did early adopters parade their newest toaster out for their friends and family to see?
  • Did people correspond with friends and brag about the technological marvel that was the toaster?
  • Did each new toasting innovation create yet another “must have” for the toasting masses?
  • Were there closets full of “last year’s” models?
  • Did stores open at 12:01 a.m. for the release of Toast-O-Rama 6.0?
  • Did the Government get in on the action with “Coolidge Toasters” for the economically toaster challenged?
  • Did poor toast quality or worse, dropped toast, cause absolute madness and hatred toward the toaster companies?
  • Did they spend a zillion dollars in advertising to promote 6.0 megapixel browning?
  • Was there an ancillary market for toaster insurance to cover accidental drops in the toilet, or other mishaps?
  • How about shared toaster minutes and family plans?

I did about 5 minutes of in depth research to see if I could find out if toasters created any semblance to the social madness of smart phones.  While I found little to suggest a craze of the magnitude of smart phones, I did find a toaster that will burn a selfie on it.

jesustoastPerhaps in the near future, we will be able to post…to toast.  Until then we will have to be content with toasting while posting.  And of course, praying while toasting.

Feel free to reopen your eyes.

Gotta go.  Jesus is calling.

p.s. For a little toasting nostalgia, you can click here


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