The Adventures of Top Knot and The Top of HER Head


This is Top Knot.

Top Knot likes to do many things….

For example, she’s very handy in the kitchen

1610861_10152505247440951_4789035000084838829_n (1)

Day 1: Top Knot makes Stir Fry and watches The Road to El Dorado


Day 7: Top Knot wears a grandma robe and washes dishes


Day 32: Top Knot makes Top Ramen during blizzard fakeouts


Day 39: Top Knot slurps her soupy soup

THIS is Top Knot’s laundry…


Day 63: Top Knot maintains a precarious laundry trash bag mountain


Day 97: Top Knot’s laundry multiplies like rabbits


Day 103: Top Knot breaks the intercom and must root through trash


Day 147: Top Knot emerges from the depths of our apartment like a mole after many months underground


Day 152: Top Knot once again savors some succulent spring soup

Stay tuned for further adventures of Top Knot (and her laundry)


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