Mow, Blow, and Go, No?


About 10 falls ago, having nearly dropped dead of a heart attack whilst raking leaves, I started exercising and have never looked back.  So it should be no surprise that when I recently got a new iPhone, I was enamored with the health tracker app that came with the phone.  In fact, I am quite obsessed.  Indeed (and sadly), it is my go to app.

Today, for example I have logged a whopping 400 steps and no stairs, so as soon as I get through writing this, I will be going toe-to-toe with the staircase in my house.  I work out of my home office, and it is an incubator of inactivity.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to take advantage of the low humidity, go outside and cut my yard.  With the rivers of rain we’ve been having the past couple of week it was beginning to look like a hay-field.  And to exasperate matters, it was beginning to attract the evil eye of dog walking neighbors passing by on their daily walks.

Usually it is me giving them the stink eye as I would like to fling their doggie’s poo back at them.  In fact, at one time I posted a sign in my yard that said, “Unless you would like for my son to come to your house and walk around on your white carpets, kindly remove Fido’s feces from my yard.”  Poo aside, my quarter acre pasture was making its own statement.  So motivated, I did my typical mow, blow and go.  In about an hour and a half, I was back in my office, if not a little grassy.

In the process, I logged about 5,000 steps.  Pretty good, right?


I was riding my lawn tractor.


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