The Sanitization of Poo


While others, no doubt, have lively dinner conversations involving great philosophical debate of religion, politics, scientific discovery, deep space or world events; our dinner conversations lean toward body parts that jiggle, the alcoholic aunt, farts in church (or any public place for that matter), odors of all sorts, crummy bosses, lousy customer service, and the absurdity of local politicians.  When the in-laws come over we might broaden our conversation to Lawrence Welk reincarnated in the form of “So You Think You Can Dance” or maybe the Mega Church’s minister’s prayers for a $60 million Gulfstream.  We may be pretty low brow, but we do eat dinner together, most every night.

It is rather amazing to me, when I step back, that many subjects, taboo when I was growing up, or discussed only very privately, are right there at the table with us now.

The media and advertisers have, for years, been trying to desensitize us to all that involves the human body.  When I was a kid it was feminine hygiene, jock itch, laxatives,  and hemorrhoids.  Today it’s bladder control, libido, and of course, E-rectile dysfunction.  As I have gotten older, laxatives and hemorrhoids are non-fazing but the other subjects make me very uncomfortable. Thankfully, my kids have not asked over dinner, why four hours is the magic number for calling the doctor or if that has ever happened to me.

A couple of days ago I was on a news website and clicked on a link to see a video of Stephon Marbury on the receiving end of a 7 foot Chinese slam dunk.  But first I was asked to sit through at least 5 seconds of what turned out to be a 2+ minute ad…which I watched….all the way through….then clicked on the link….then took advantage of the “free” trial offer…then watched all of their other ads….. Holy bat Crap Man!  What just happened to me, I’m thinking? I am laughing all the way through the whole experience.  I am also wondering if the Big Earl DuFresne, son of a Loozeeanna long haul trucker and tall tale teller orator of his personal porcelain experiences, was some how involved with the creation of this ad  for “Poo-Pourri.”

Thank goodness this has not quite made it into prime time, or my dinner table.  Horribly sick?  Insanely Funny?  Both? Neither?  You call it.  Either way one thing’s for sure: it doesn’t stink.


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