If The “Rich” Pay More, Will My Morale Be Improved?


As a Federal Income Tax paying American, I do not know whether my morale would be improved if the “rich” are required to pay more.  But I do know my morale would be improved if EVERYONE was required to pay something.

And by the way, if I pay Federal Income Tax, does that make me a de facto member of the middle class??



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  1. It does make you a middle class. The rich have too much so they can avoid paying tax, and the poor have nothing to pay so that leaves the guys in the middle doing all the work.
    Kinda funny like that.
    I know my moral would improve if the rich did paid for their part



  2. really? you are asking how I know…how i feel?? If you drank all the beer and I got the hangover, i’m quite certain if you didn’t drink all the beer, i would feel better. or maybe if i paid for all your beer, you drank it and i got the hangover i’d definitely feel better if i didn’t pay for your beer 🙂


  3. so tax revenues are like beer? in that case, the armed forces is sure drunk, since they get the biggest amount of beer, followed by the old and the sick. i feel bad for them though.


  4. I guess you could say that, but now you’re opening a whole new can of Beer, which, by the way I like, support and am happy to share with any woman or man in uniform, old or sick person, and/or old and/or sick person…in uniform. But, if we are going to pay for all this drunkeness, which by the way we have given permission to our government to do through our elected officials, I would prefer the beer fund be funded with American $s. Hope I’m not making you nuts, Squirrel.


  5. yup, we need to pay for it.
    I personally think that if you benefit more from a system, and by that I mean people that are wealthier, you should have to pay more, but that’s just me.


  6. Sure. I agree. the more you make the more you pay. Question and devil is in the percentages and loopholes. I think our elected officials might be well served by defining their favorite words, “fair” and “balanced”


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