Light Skinned American With No Negro Dialect Except When I Want To


Just for the record; I am a light-skinned American with no Negro dialect except when I want to.  Although that fact, I don’t think, would help me in any sort of election.  In fact, I would suggest I am woefully unelectable.  About the only thing I’ve been elected for lately is jury duty, and I am not sure if that was an election or more of a selection. 

Our jury foreman was a dark-skinned  African-American man with a multi-cultural dialect.  I would describe it as a Negro, Black, African-American, Georgian dialect.   The point being, that he was elected, neither because of the color of his skin nor whatever the heck his dialect was, but because in the eyes of 11 other multi-dialect voters sitting around a table, he seemed to be a respectable guy, capable of managing a process, and articulating our decision.  In short, he was qualified. 

I don’t consider myself a particularly enlightened individual, although I have dropped a decent amount of weight over the past few years.  For a little heavy enlightenment on light skinned comments with  a light-hearted delivery,  I highly recommend Polite Society’s post,  “Negro Dialect?”

As for Harry Reid, I can certainly forgive him for his stupid comment, and I pray for forgiveness for the river of stupidity that gushes from my mouth pretty much anytime I open it.  I can also thank him for helping Polite Society to enlighten me.  I would also be thankful if Uncle Harry’s foot in mouth disease is miraculously cured with a one way ticket back to Nevada.


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