Breaking the Twitter and Text Messaging Code


GeeZ:  Hey ChiQ, you know txt msgng is foreign to me as I am too cheap to pay for it.  But lately I have been Twittering up a storm.  As I’ve said before, “If brevity is next to Godliness, then I’m going straight to Hell.”  This presents some challenges on Twitter as I have rarely met word I didn’t like but Twitter cuts you off at 140 characters.  At 141 characters they literally “bleed” your eyes with red type.  I spend as  much time shortening messages as I do writing the derned things.

I need to crack the code, and since I don’t know any Navajo Code Talkers, I thought perhaps you could help.  I know LOL, using the letter “U” for “You”, and “4” for “for” but beyond that any help you could provide with either the code or code etiquette would be helpful.

What do you think?  Is it possible to teach this old dog a new trick?  Or should I say this old bird a new tweet?  

ChiQ: haha what a lovely request. this is an easy one. i’ll give you a few easy ones:

JK: just kidding

legit: legitimately

cul8r: see you later

ttyl: talk to you later

ily: i love you

g2g: got to go

wat: what

2: to

idk: i dont know

wow…i guess i wasnt as good at this as i thought. honestly, i try to avoid “abbrevs” (abbreviations) because i want to avoid the whole valley girl syndrome haha. “idk” if any of those would actually help you in twitter because they are very conversational, however for you….older….readers they might come in handy if you have texting 😛


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