Name Ten People Who Give You Hope For Change?


GeeZ:  Ok, here’s my list.

  1. Tiger Woods – No mountain is too high for him.  And I don’t even play golf.
  2. Bill Bennett – How could you wake up in the morning and not have hope for change listening to this guy?
  3. ARod – Will close the chapter on steroid use in baseball.
  4. Andy Stanley & George Worth – Two Holy men.
  5. Tom Price – A conservative Doctor in the Government
  6. My Wife – (still has hope that I will change after all these years)
  7. Every newborn baby on earth – The future
  8. The first real person to invest in our company
  9. John Goodman – Fighting the Consumer Driven Health, HDHP and HSA fight every day
  10. My Dad – He’s dead but his values give me hope for the rest of us.

 Who’s on your list ChiQ?

my list? well a few might be the same as yours actually.

1. YOUR DAD- like Geez said, he was an incredible man. truly truly incredible. he died when i was 3, but a kinder hearted man is rarely found. he is probably my hero.

2. MY BROTHER- gives me hope that true personality can shine through in jr. high. i look up to him so much, even though he’s 3 years younger than me. he inspires me to be my own person, not worry what others think, and love myself. for that, i owe him the world.

3. JONAS BROTHERS- my personal favorite music group. but the semi-obsession i have doesnt just stem from the fact that they have great voices, actually write their own music, and are the most talented act out there. they give me hope that young hollywood and teens everywhere can have morals and deep faith.

4. ANDY STANLEY- that guy is incredible. he is the founder of my favorite church in the world, and on Sundays he gives me hope that i can be the person i want to be, have the faith i want to have.

5. MY FRIENDS- give me hope, no make me KNOW that true, real friends actually exist in high school, not just petty cliques and social climbers

6. NATALIE PORTMAN- incredible actress, tons of money, conscerned about the environment, a giver. how cant you love her?

7. MARY JOE- runs the shelter at my church. she works her butt off and some women dont even appreciate it. someone with that big of a heart is few and far between. she inspires my service, gives me hope that people CAN, in fact, be 100% selfless

8. MY PARENTS- have so much faith in me and my abilities. they give me hope for my future, that i will make good decisions, and affect others in a positive way. they also give me hope taht true love exists

9. CHILDREN- the future. they often see more than the most educated adult.

10. MRS.DALBO- my fourth grade english teacher, who still comes to my plays, my brothers sporting events, my random recitals. she goes above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher and gives me hope that kids dont just learn grammar and math in school


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