The Role of the Irrational in Human Affairs


GeeZ:  Let me lay a heavy one on you ChiQ…

Early in my life I believed that there was great scope for rational analysis to improve the workings of government and the welfare of mankind, but over time I have come to appreciate how strong is the role of the irrational in all human affairs.

Albert Gladstone Sims (1917-2002)

As a fairly conservative guy scratching my head over the recent approval in the Senate of a nearly $1 trillion spending bill, I find myself returning to the passage above.  It has helped me reconcile decisions “beyond comprehension” that have impacted both my world and the greater world around me, time and again.

Our economy has serious challenges right now and while the word “crisis” is a word I avoid like the plague (perhaps irrationally) because it carries weight of an oxen’s burden for me, for many Americans, “crisis” is absolutely appropriate.   While the solution, or solutions to our economic problems have not revealed themselves, and while we may not like what we are hearing from one side of the political spectrum or the other, it might be worth pausing for a moment and thank our founding fathers and all those men and women who have died for the right for us to make our voices heard.  Even if we do not agree.  Or we believe those voices are consumed by the irrational.     

While I am not in alignment with the current direction of political policies; the wisdom behind the quote above gives me solace.  The belief that out of chaos emerges beauty, gives me hope. 

ChiQ: i am grabbing on to your last little paragraph, Geez, because u really did lay a toughie on me and i honestly dont feel like im educated enough on the subject to really engage in clever dialogue or witty banter about it. but i do know that theres a whole lot of hope in this country right now. with the economy so sour and people losing jobs, everyone has hope for change. (which i feel has been a word i have heard more in the past year and a half than in my whole life). most people hope for the government to take a new direction or initiative…clear things up. personally, and yes, i know, i am rather naive, but hear me out….my hope is that people remember each other.

sounds simple enough, right? but its really not. i think, alot of times, people forget that they are living on this planet with billions of other people, some alike to them and some different. given our current economic standing, i feel like the population is being reminded about each other. when you have less money to spend and therefore less material distractions, i know i, for one, am reminded about the people in my life. because even if you lose everything, every car and home and purse and ipod and cell phone, you still have your family, friends, spouse, or siblings. they’re the things that will remain the same. and i hope our president and new officials will remember that their purpose is to help others. because thats what we really need now.


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