ChiQ: hello world! ChiQ here. today im going to tell you the truth about Santa Claus. thats right. im going to tell you all about him. i know the question is always “is Santa real?”. and believe me, im waaaaaay past the age of Santa, i mean i AM in high school. but more than anything, i believe in the magic that Santa brings to children’s lives. i mean, come on. this world we live in can be really crazy, but Christmas is one holiday where everyone tries to come together in some way and just bond. and i think Santa’s a huge part of that. it doesnt matter if you believe in him or not. he brings real life magic to each little kid he ‘comes in contact’ with. i mean, come on. Santa’s someone kids can write to and ask for whatever their hearts desire. even if Santa doesnt bring it for them, they know he was doing his very best. also, children leave a gift for him: the milk and cookies. i always left a little note too to keep him encouraged and going through the night. so kids learn the lesson of thanking people even if they never meet face to face. the power of giving that Santa encourages and teaches is incredible. he demonstrates giving without getting gifts in return. well, other than the cookie. but that’s hardly anything when you think about the hours he’s spent in the shop making toys. so i say, good for you santa! you set an example for all of us. what say u, Geez?

GEEZ:  I’m with you on this one ChiQ.  The magic of Santa is in the eyes of children.  It rolls in like the tide when you are little, then rolls out a bit in youth and early adulthood, and then rolls back in with a vengeance as a parent.  In my case the tide is still in.  Hopefully it stays along as there are children in our world.  HO, HO, HO!!!  No, those are not squirrels on the roof!!


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