Well, You Got To Have Friends


GEEZER:  Well I got married a million years ago.  By the way, this blog, while new, is not intended to be the philosophical blathering of an old fart, but ChiQ’s last post about friends sends me back down life’s highway on this one, and for what it’s worth, it is a little bit philosophical and it is a bit blathering too.

At my rehearsal dinner, I felt compelled to get up and make a toast.  I am not a speech maker now, nor was I then, and honestly, I have a memory like a sieve, but thankfully, my wife on occasion reminds me of the toast and over the years, at least the theme of it has been etched in my brain.  The general theme of the toast was friends.  And I, like  ChiQ was fortunate enough to have a few of the solid variety growing up like she does today.  In fact, those friends are still my close friends today.  But, when I got ready to make the transition from being single to being married, I knew who my best friend was.  Not the folks I had shared so many life experiences with, but the person I would be sharing the rest of my life experiences with.  The toast was to my new very best friend.  Marriage takes the “best friends” thing to a whole new level.   Fo Sho!   

ChiQ: awww Geez that was so touching! although your use of Fo Sho was a bit rattling….haha. one of my life’s dreams is to have as an amazing relationship as Geezer does with his wife. but i mean…come on. the guys in high school are simply NOT up to my standards. they’re all just so….dumb 🙂 but whenever i get frustrated with them, i remember a bumper sticker i saw recently. it said “you dont go through high school to get a husband- you go to find your bridesmaids”. its so true. for now, guys will come and go, but you’re friends are going to stick with you through it all. so to all you young people out there…we may not get the guys (or girls) right now, but we will. until then, we have our BFF’s, our “frenemies”, and our beaus to deal with :P. oh right. and that little thing we call school. prince charming’s gonna come along some day, and when he does, im gonna be SO ready. although i was permanantly scarred by Father of the Bride. i never realized how much the parents go through until i saw that movie, and now the image of my “dear old dad” going into a tizzy over my wedding is in my mind. but all in due time. i have no interest in getting married right now, obviously. so until then, maybe i should get Geezer to screen my dates!


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