Me and My Gang


Chiquita: hello again, chiquita here. well im gonna tell ya right off that i have the best friends in the entire world. they’re amazing and i love them SO much its not even funny. we make up the crazy 4-and im going to tell you all about them. for their sakes, im gonna use their nicknames. first, theres hayles. she’s the blonde, fashionista, makeup-always-perfect-dont-you-hate-her kind of girls. we sometimes call her “mama hayles” cuz she’s always looking after us and making sure we remember things. she’s the one who’ll take me to the lake and we’ll just sit there for hours eating chocolate and talking boys. i met her through marta. marta’s the LOUD one-she has two volumes: loud and louder. she’s the songwriter-and they’re really good. she’s absolutely hilarious and shares in my obsession with the Jonas Brothers 🙂 she’s full of life-always bouncing around and absolutely cannot stay in one place while she’s telling a story-which is all the time. i met marta years ago in a drama camp with peypey. peypey’s the quieter one, but dont get me wrong, even thats not very quiet. she’s the secret keeper, the one everyone goes to with their problems. she’s also the guy magnet- i swear a different guy falls for her every week. and yet, she’s never found any of them worthy. atta girl! 🙂 when the four of us get together, its like the epitome of “girl talk”-all of us talking at once. well, either that or singing. we like to belt it-and I think we sound good 😛 i dont know about your friends, but mine are perfect. now, Geezer’s met my friends a few times….lets see what his opinion on them is. have at it, Geezer!

GEEZER:  Huh?  Can I have a translator please?  I do have one thing in common with ChiQ’s friends, a love for music and a love for JB  and if he were channeling his soulful vibes to the  Jonas Brothers maybe I could groove with them, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.  My JB is the one, the only, Mr. Dynamite, The Godfather of Soul, Mr. Please, Please, Please , Jaaaaaaaaaaames Browwwwwwwwwwwwn.  And ChiQ’s friends do like to dance, but they have never seen one like this….

….Its’s a classic and I would love to see, the blonde, the LOUD one, and the boy magnet throw down with James Brown.

ChiQ’s got good friends and they are entertaining.  But most importantly, as true friends are; they are solid.  Solid as a rock.  Although sometimes it would seem their heads are full of them, especially when it comes to boys. 

I think if a person can have one true friend in their life and solid faith, they can live a life fulfilled.  If they have more than one, well that’s just, choclolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry.    

Cheers to good friends.  May we all be lucky and blessed enough to have at least one true friend.


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