About Off The Top Of Our Heads


So this is a new blog co-written by an old geezer and a young chiquita.  So what?  Exactly.  We write whatever comes off the top of our heads but with a twist.  The geezer perspective on one hand and the chiquita on the other.  Don’t know where it will go but we shall see…

GEEZER:  So, when I’m not spending my time making pithy comments here, I am in the process of starting a company to help individuals pay for their healthcare.  This could be an interesting blog because my co-author and I most certainly have a different perspective on the world.  Mine, of course is the right one….

CHIQUITA: hey ya’ll. i’m now the chiquita 🙂 im young. but u already know that. when im not writin on this…thingy…i like to be the center of attention. how do i do that? i sing at the top of my lungs. well. most of the time. this blogging thing is rather new for me, so im just gonna treat you, the reader, like a BFF. if uv cared enuf to read this much, then maybe you’ll actually listen to what i have to say. and if you dont…well i’ll just say it louder!


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