Facebook: Party Line of the 21st Century


GEEZER:  When I was a kid, my family had this cabin on a lake over in Alabama.  It was heaven on earth, with a few interesting twists.  For one, the front door it entered into the bathroom (the one and only bathroom).  Imagine the warm  and often funky welcomes people received over the years upon entering the cabin.   Another interesting feature was that we had a party line on the phone.  So when you picked up the receiver, you might hear Myrtle Lee moaning about the Alabama heat to Tammy Faye, or Earl Skinner discussing the finer points of a limited slip differential with Joe Bob Jones.

In January of this year I signed up for a Facebook book page.  Every month or so I would look at my page and was greeted with statement “You have 0 Friends).  After 6 months, a friend of mine “friended” me (how stupid is that?) and I was pleased that I could now say proudly, that I had one friend.  It stayed that way for a week or so, then a couple more folks found me and today I find myself  to be friends with people I don’t even know. 

So now when I go on Facebook, I see people having these conversations that about as interesting as Earl Skinner’s limited slip differential dissertation overheard by an eight year-old boy on the end of that party line.  Facebook: Party Line of the 21st Century.

Hey Chiquita, Ever heard of a party line before now??  It has the word “Party” in it so I should think you would like it.  Maybe they should have named it “Partybook.” 

CHIQUITA: yeah Geezer, party line is a new one to me. but i like it! reader, im gonna let you in on a not-so-secret secret. i LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk. to my friends, i’m one of the “loud ones”. the only time i get in trouble at school is for talking. theres just so much to say! thats really the reason i like facebook so much. i can get online and talk to 50 people at once-and if thats not a party, i dont know what is! so thats what facebook is…my nightly dose of party 😛 although my mom likes to call it “The Vanity Page”, i really use it more for conversation than i do for posting pictures. my favorite part about it is that i can talk to anyone in the world…which include my bestie in colorado and my very amusing cousins in Powdersville, South Carolina. how else am i supposed to keep up with their crazy lives? take last night, for example. whilst i was acting as a go-between for one of my closest friends and her ex-beau, i was also giving my 13 year old cousin advice on his first girlfriend (heehee…classic) and venting about exam stress to another member of my gang. So even though we were miles apart, we were connected because of the lovely invention…the 21st century party line…facebook.


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